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About Us

It would be difficult to pin down exactly when our experience with the paranormal began. Honestly in our family it is rather impossible to be a non believer. Our family has a long and deep history of paranormal encounters. Both the friendly familiar ghosts and things darker, scarier. Some in the paranormal research field claim that our family must have an attachment, or curse, haunted.

We came to podcasts very differently. Holly was on the road for 4 hours a day, every day, doing client visits for work. She needed something to break the monotony of the road. Local radio is a dismal affair. Podcasts became her answer.

Heather and her boyfriend had vastly different tastes in music. Deciding on what to listen to was always a challenge. Until we discovered the value of podcast, and that we had similar tastes in podcasts. Podcasts because the solution.

We sisters had long talked about putting together a project documenting our paranormal experiences. Should we right a book? Should we do a website? Every few years we would toss around ideas. We could never seem to put our ideas into motion.

In February of 2016 Holly had an epiphany. We needed to podcast. This would be the outlet for our experiences. Within days microphones were purchases, plans drafted and the first episode was taken shape.

The Haunted Family Podcast was off the ground.

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