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Episode 12: Ghosts of the Van Lear Coal Camp

July 18th, 2016

At one time coal was a booming business and coal camps were a bustling community. The dangerous and back breaking nature of the work meant death was always a concern.

Today's episode shares some history of the coal camp Heather and Holly Grew up in. We are not coal miners daughters, but we have been shaped by the Van Lear coal mines just the same. Our perception of ghosts and the spirit world will always be strongly influenced by the miner’s ghosts we saw so long ago in our childhood. Experiences that would take years, and countless hours of research for us to reach the bottom of. Van Lear holds many ghosts. Sit a spell on the porch of the old company store and the locals may just share a few tales. Drive the winding Miller’s Creek road at dusk and you may catch a fleeting glimpse of a long dead miner walking home covered in thick black dust. #Paranormal #ghosts #coal camp #Kentucky

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