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Cryptids: Episode 89

September 6th, 2018 · Comments

Today the girls talk about cryptids some of their favorites. Is anyone suprised that Mermaids is Holly's favorite? They also discuss some Cryptids that have been proven to be real.


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Tags: Unsolved Mystery

UFO’s Episode: 87

August 17th, 2018 · Comments

This week the girls talk about some local UFO sightings a few in their towns and a few more famous sightings. This episode is sure to be out of this world.


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Tags: Unsolved Mystery

Bigfoot Episode: 84

July 26th, 2018 · Comments

Does he exist or doesn't he? Holly and Heather share stories of big foot sightings including stories from their towns.


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Tags: Unsolved Mystery

The murder of Alex Radita Episode: 83

July 11th, 2018 · Comments

 15 Year old Alex was found dead in the family home. The killers? His parents.



Tags: True Crime · Unsolved Mystery

Disapperance of Madeleine McCan Episode: 79

June 12th, 2018 · Comments

On May 3 2003, The McCann family  was on vacation, with several other families  when tragedy struck.


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Tags: True Crime · Unsolved Mystery

Q and A with Holly and Heather Episode: 78

June 4th, 2018 · Comments

This weeks episode gives you a behind the scene look at the podcast and the hosts. We try to answer questions that you may have as always there is a stupid criminal that is close to home.


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Tags: True Crime · Paranormal · Unsolved Mystery

Bridgewater Triangle Episode: 77

May 28th, 2018 · Comments

About 30 miles from Boston is a 200 square mile patch of land that is like nothing else. This area has been home to murders and body dump sites. It is also claimed to be the site of other harder to explain mysteries. 

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Tags: True Crime · Paranormal · Unsolved Mystery

Golden State Killer Update and The Winchester Mystery House Episdoe: 75

April 30th, 2018 · Comments

This week the girls talk about two huge breaks in unsolved crimes. One being the capture of the Golden State Killer the other being the Freeman/Bible disapperance. Then they get down to the topic of the week, The Mysterious Winchester mansion. Was Sarah Winchester crazy or following orders from the dead? This weeks stupid criminal will have you craving Mexican food.

Tags: True Crime · Paranormal · Unsolved Mystery

Escape From Alcatraz Episode:74

April 22nd, 2018 · Comments

This week we talk about The Rock. No not the actor/wrestler or the movie. We talk about the prison that sits a 1.25 miles off the shoreline of San Francisco. More specifically, did someone successfully escape from the unescapable prison?



Tags: True Crime · Unsolved Mystery

Urban Legends 2 Episode 69

March 4th, 2018 · Comments

We love the stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. The stories told about a good campire. Today we share some of our favorite Urban Legends.

Tags: Unsolved Mystery

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